Conference topics

AREA A: Economics

A1. Economic Policy
A2. Fiscal and Monetary Economics
A3. Institutions and Competitiveness
A4. Economic Development
A5. International Trade
A6. Demographic Economics and Labor Market
A7. Public Sector Economics
A8. Legal Framework for economic development
A9. Transport Economics

AREA B: Business

B1. E-Business & E-Government
B2. Strategic Management
B3. Human Resource Management
B4. Financial Management
B5. Operations Management
B6. Industrial Organization
B7. Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovations
B8. Web 3.0 and Digital Economy
B9. Organisational theory and culture
B10. Strategic Marketing

AREA C: Green Economy

C1. Circular Economy for Sustainable Development
C2. Sustainable Tourism
C3. Sustainable Mobility
C4. Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
C5. Economics of Renewable Energy
C6. Environmental and Ecological Economics
C7. Environmental Indicators
C8. Green and Digital Transition
C9. Resource Efficiency and Productivity
C10. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Indicators
C11. Green Finance

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